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before-and-afterAs the Spring weather creeps closer, obligatory cleaning will begin. As you clear out clutter around your home after a few months in New England hibernation you may begin to realize that the outside of your home is not what it was five years ago. You have shingles missing and spots of chipped paint that makes your home look less like the beauty you remember and more like something from your nightmares. Cedar shingles require constant upkeep which takes time and money. Corriveau Contracting can offer you an effective alternative. As a vinyl siding contractor we are able to provide you with information on Vinyl Siding, an option that may save you money.

Vinyl Siding is becoming increasingly popular across New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The percentage of siding in New Hampshire and across the country has grown considerably in the past year. Approximately 72 percent of new construction in New England that began in 2014 used vinyl siding.

For those who are hesitant to make the switch for a love of their cedar shingles, vinyl siding actually has you covered. There is no longer one version of vinyl siding like there was years ago. Today vinyl siding is available in many styles and colors.


This is the standard for vinyl siding. The horizontal, wedge shaped panels are applied like typical shingles a ripple looking effect once finished. This siding is the typical vinyl siding that is seen across New England on homes with siding and the first image to be interpreted when discussing vinyl siding.


Dutchlap is another horizontal style vinyl siding. Dutchlap siding is designed to give a ‘log cabin’ look to your home. Between each siding panel is a subtle slant before having a flat board to create a unique look to your home while keeping an easy to clean exterior. Dutchlap is growing in popularity and can help the homeowner keep a tradition look of their home while modernizing for eco-friendly alternatives.

Board and Batten

If you are looking for a vertical siding instead of typical horizontal, board and batten siding is the way to go. Board and Batten siding gives off a style reminiscent to a barn exterior or cape style look, but can be made to fit any home. This design streamlines vertical ‘planks’ (boards) with cover strips (battens) between the meeting space of each plank. It will create almost like a crazy scissor texture when you look at it across. With the vinyl siding the material is interconnected so there is no worry about anything being separated to make you lose your look or functionality.


The next version of vinyl siding is called scallop (or fish scale). This siding has a unique look where the bottom of the siding looks like inter connected u’s so once it is installed it looks like fish scales. This siding highlights the look of separate shingles in one piece of siding so you can maintain your classic look. This can be seen on dormers and accent pieces across all types of construction across New England but can be used individually as well. Many times scallop siding is paired with clapboard siding to create an eye catching contrast that can be achieved all in vinyl siding.


Shake style vinyl siding is for the shingle lover. Shake siding mimics the look of cedar shingles almost to a ‘T’. This type of siding can be used on its own to maintain the feel of one’s home or as an accent to another type of vinyl siding. For those who are skeptical of vinyl, this is the siding that can transition anyone because it has the classic look.

From the traditional New England clapboard siding to the newer Shake siding, there is a style for each home that any siding contractor can make match the aesthetics you want for your home. They are easy to match together or to be used as their own entity. As your trusted installer of siding in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Corriveau Contracting will gladly meet with you to discuss if you are ready to make the switch. Just give us a call at 603-880-9988.