The Three Most Common Problems with Decks in MA

Decks in MA from Corriveau Decks are one of the primary features of any house. Whether you need to escape from the kitchen and cook some meat on the grill or enjoy the outdoors with a cold drink, decks are the perfect spot for entertainment and relaxation. But when exposed to adverse weather conditions, decks can deteriorate. Decks in MA are exposed to unique issues because of the brutal New England winters. Sometimes your deck might have structural problems you’re not even aware of. Thankfully, Corriveau Contracting has helpful staff with the expertise to to inspect, repair, or remodel your deck. Here are three of the most common issues you’ll run into with decks in MA.

ONE: Rotted wood. This is usually a product of water damage that occurs due to flawed deck flashing. Flashing protects your house from inclement weather, so when it’s not properly installed, you leave your deck and other parts of your home vulnerable to problems like rotting wood. Generally, the only solution to this issue is professional repair. Rotted wood might also mean that you have not sealed your deck since it was built. Decks should be sealed after a cleaning or other treatment to prevent wood rotting and other undesirable complications.

TWO: Discoloration. The color of your deck might start to fade or discolor due to overexposure to moisture, UV rays from the sun, and dirt, grease, and grime buildup. You want your guests to be impressed by the sightly appearance of your deck, so it’s important to clean your deck and keep it looking sharp. Pressure washing is effective and many people like to use traditional deck cleaner products which utilize chlorine bleach and oxallic acid to thoroughly cleanse the surface of your deck.

THREE: Structural damage. For safety purposes, you need your deck to be sturdy and strong. If you can hear the wood creak every time you take a step, there’s a good chance that your structure is wearing down. Loose nails and handrails, the weakening of support posts, and cracked or split wood are issues to look out for. Wood shrinks with age, creating gaps between the boards on the deck, which further threatens its safety. Like most structures, decks deteriorate with use and time. What many people overlook, however, is you can add years to the life of your deck if you maintain it properly.

Decks in MA are generally a wise investment on your home because they offer great return value. However, you have to be aware of the ways decks can break down due to weather elements, traditional wear and tear, and age. Corriveau Contracting can help keep your deck safe and looking stellar. If you’re looking for a change in scenery, we also provide all the services you’ll need to remodel your deck.