5 Common Painting Mistakes and Why You Need Professional Painting Contractors in MA

Painting contractors in MA from CorriveauTo many people, house painting is considered something that can easily be done by one’s self and doesn’t require as much experience as other home improvement projects. While we commend the DIY spirit and work ethic, opting not to hire professional painting contractors in MA can result in a less than stellar paint job. Painting, both exterior and interior, requires the keen eye of seasoned painters with unscrupulous attention to detail. Without the help of professional painting contractors in MA, you could possibly set yourself up with a paint job that, not only looks sub-par, but doesn’t stand the test of time as well.

There are a number of common mistakes that the average person makes when attempting to do their own painting, and we’d like to highlight five of those with you today.

  1. Not having the right tools – Good paint work starts with high quality tools. Professional grade brushes and other paint applicators are essential to get the job done correctly. Our painting contractors in MA have the tools necessary to ready the surface for paint, ensure that no brush hairs stick into the paint and to paint hard to reach or awkward areas cleanly and effectively.
  2. Painting with the wrong materials – Choosing the right paint is incredibly important and, nowadays, it is a highly intricate and complicated undertaking. Our painters have the experience and know how to assess the job site and to determine the best paint for the job.
  3. Neglecting prep work – Properly preparing the surface can make all the difference in the world when it comes to any paint job. Our painting contractors know how to look for and handle things like loose nails, rotted wood, mildew, moisture damage, peeling paint and other imperfections that greatly affect the painting process.
  4. Inexperienced brushwork/technique – A paint job can quickly become spotty and uneven if a smooth application isn’t executed properly. Professional painters know how to use a variety of paint applicators in ways that result in gorgeous, clean paint jobs.
  5. Not protecting items in the room – Painting can be a messy job if not handled by professionals. Spilling paint, walking through wet paint and leaving furniture and fixtures exposed can create a mess that you don’t want to deal with. At this point, our painters’ experience has made it second nature to keep an eye out for accidents like these.

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