Fully Enjoying Your Lawn: 6 Benefits of Decks in MA

Decks in MA from CorriveauCorriveau Contracting aims to be your “go-to” company when it comes to anything having to do with home improvement. We do it all – from roofing to siding to flooring and to building decks in MA, we cover all the bases of construction. Our well-rounded ability to specialize in a various amount of construction projects is what sets us apart from the competition. For a lot of home improvement projects, you have to turn to a company that specializes solely on siding or solely on roofing or solely on building decks in MA but, with us, you can rest assured knowing that we do it all so have a unique perspective on how the construction process should go.

And one of the most fulfilling services we provide is building decks in MA. If you’re thinking of doing some home improvement, we’d like to share six benefits of having a deck added to your home with you today!

  1. Hosting – Having a deck provides you with extra space to entertain family and friends. Whether you’re having a birthday party or a BBQ, the welcoming environment that a deck provides creates a natural flow for guests to mingle.
  2. Increases home’s value – This may be the best benefit of adding a deck to your home; increasing its overall value. According to real estate experts, one can recoup up to 72% of the cost of having a deck built by the amount it increases the home’s value. Adding a deck lets you recoup more than even adding a sun room, living room, or extra bathroom.
  3. Aesthetics – A deck built by Corriveau Contracting will perfectly accent the current architecture of your home and make it more visually pleasing overall. A new deck also makes the lawn look more dynamic. And, because there are so many different staining products available, your deck can be made to elegantly match your home.
  4. Quick project – Unlike other large home improvement projects, adding a deck is fairly quick work. Within about a week’s time, a deck can be completed and ready for use with little to no intrusion on the homeowner.
  5. More space – Having a deck will give you more room to store things like grills, potted plants, and patio furniture. Also, if your garage is full, things like a bike or motorcycle can be stored underneath your deck. A deck can be easily furnished and will make way for a number of other activities out on the lawn.
  6. Affordable – Decks cost a great deal less than other home additions so are perfect for people looking to add more space to their home or for those looking to increase their home’s value in an affordable way.

If you’re interested in decks in MA, contact us at: 603-880-9988.