7 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding in NH Today!

Vinyl siding in NH from Corriveau ContractingWhen it comes to beautifying the exterior of our homes, nothing is growing in popularity more than vinyl siding in NH. Vinyl siding is not only gorgeous and easy to maintain, but it’s durable enough to withstand the extreme temperature changes we experience here in New England. And it’s not just here in NH where vinyl siding is really trending. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 33% of new homes built only two years ago had vinyl siding – more than any other siding material. With the technological advances being made in vinyl siding every day, the fact that new houses are being built with vinyl siding doesn’t seem to be a fading trend.

In case you’re still on the fence as to whether you need vinyl siding in NH, here are seven advantages that come along with having vinyl siding installed.

  1. Wide variety of beautiful options – Vinyl siding comes in a dizzying array of colors, profiles, textures, architectural trim and more accessories. You can choose vinyl siding that beautifully mimics the look of other forms of siding such as wood, slate and stone. The Vinyl Siding Institute reports that there are now 350 certified vinyl siding colors to choose from.
  2. Durability – Vinyl siding in NH can stand up against high winds, can resist extreme heat, moisture and cold; all while retaining its original look and luster for a long time to come. Most vinyl siding comes with significant warranties as well.
  3. Sustainability – From an environmental perspective, vinyl siding’s life cycle towers over other forms of exterior construction materials like brick and mortar when it comes to economic and environmental performance.
  4. Easy to install – A lightweight and easily customizable material, vinyl siding is the easiest form of exterior siding to install. This makes replacing damaged portions of your vinyl siding an easy fix!
  5. Ease of maintenance – Vinyl siding requires no painting and only annual cleaning with delicate soap and water. Also, vinyl is less susceptible to cracking, rot and insect damage.
  6. Affordability – Compared to all other forms of exterior cladding, vinyl siding is the least expensive to have installed; especially when you consider how long it lasts.
  7. Safety – The Vinyl Siding Institute reports that vinyl siding complies with the strict criteria of the National Fire Association far more than any other exterior cladding.

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