Why You Need to Work with Our Professional Painters in NH

White homeWhen you’ve come to the decision that you need your home’s exterior painted, it’s important that you work with the best painters in NH. And, at Corriveau Contracting, that’s exactly what we provide. Our professional painters will bring the beauty back into your home in an incredibly affordable and timely manner. It’s a general rule of thumb that you should have your home painted about once every 5 to 10 years. This is especially true when you take into account our New England climate. We have four very distinct seasons that all have significant effects on the exterior of our homes. With extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year comes extreme wear and tear on the paint on our homes and only professional painters in NH know how to effectively handle a job as large and important as exterior house painting.

While we applaud the DIY ethic that many New Englanders have, house painting should be left to the professionals. One thing that many of us don’t know is how important prepping a home’s surface is before painting it. It’s actually more important than the finish coat. Shortcuts here can lead to headaches in the future. Our painters in NH know how to inspect for, and take care of cracks, loose nails, rotted siding, and areas that need sanding, as well as any other imperfections your home’s surface might have before applying paint. Preparation of the painting surface should take almost as much time as the painting itself.

Professionalism and Experience

Our painters in NH also use only the best, highest quality tools for the job as well. We’re talking about the best paint, paint brushes, ladders, rollers, drop clothes, sanders, and more. These are items that your average person simply doesn’t have the time or money to invest in and can mean the difference between a decent paint job and a great one. Depending on the size and shape of your home, it may take 3-5 different sizes of ladders to get the job done correctly. Also, a painter may have to climb onto your roof to paint certain areas of your home. Our professional painters know how to paint on roofs safely and effectively.

The professional painters at Corriveau Contracting have the experience to streamline an amazing paint job. Years of painting has taught them how long it takes for certain paints to dry, how to make sure the paint is mixed properly, how to keep paint from dripping onto extraneous parts of your property, when your home is ready for a second coat of paint, and even how to keep a keen eye on the weather to ensure the highest quality paint job possible. Exterior house painting in New England is something that should be left to the pros. Work with Corriveau Contracting to get the most out of your home’s next paint job.

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