Readying Decks in MA for Summer Fun!

Decks around MA from Corriveau ContractingWith summer in full swing, we’re all looking forward to spending time outdoors with our friends and family. And an outside deck makes a perfect place to do just that. However, you may have a deck that is in need of some TLC and, if so, Corriveau Contracting is the company you want to bring your deck back to life. We’ve built and remodeled decks in MA since our inception so have an intimate knowledge of how to get your deck prepped for summer fun.

Decks in MA are highly susceptible to both UV rays and moisture, so the wet months of both winter and spring can leave our decks in need of remodeling. And, since we place such a high emphasis on customer service, we’d like to take this time to let you know what to look for when inspecting your deck for damage.

What to Look For

In order to make sure that your deck is safe, first check the railings to ensure that they’re good and stiff. Check all the load bearing parts of your deck’s foundation to make sure they’re not cracked from withstanding the tons of snow we got this year. Inspect your deck for wet spots where moisture may be collecting. If you have to, use a screwdriver to push into suspect spots to assess any water damage that may be occurring on your deck. Be on the lookout for nails or screws protruding from your deck’s suface. You don’t want to have anyone snag their foot on a loose nail this summer. Check for splinters, rotted wood, and built up gunk in the crevices of your deck. The presence of any of these could mean that your deck is in need of some remodeling.

After giving your deck a thorough inspection, let Corriveau Contracting professionally assess the quality and safety of your deck. Repairing and refinishing decks in MA are services we provide in order to ensure the safety of you, your friends and your family. Not only do we provide safer decks for all of our customers, but we make them beautiful as well. Depending on the state of your deck, we’ll know if we have to pressure wash it, sand it, replace boards on it, or apply a new coat of stain to it. This summer, you should be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying that your deck may be a dangerous eyesore. Let the professionals at Corriveau Contracting inspect your deck to ensure that it isn’t.

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