Roofing in NH or MA: The Benefits of GAF Roofs

Two story residential homeHaving a “roof over your head,” isn’t merely a well known saying, it’s an essential part of home ownership. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against nature’s sometimes harsh elements, so it’s important that it’s effective and installed professionally. At Corriveau Contracting, we’ve been roofing in NH and MA for well over a decade now so have come to know firsthand just what a crucial role that roofs play in the protection of our homes and families.

And, when you’ve come to the conclusion that you need roofing in NH or MA, it is critical that you work with a licensed contractor with a great deal of experience. This is why working with Corriveau Contracting for your roofing needs is such a wise decision. Not only are we experienced and licensed, but we’re also fully insured and a certified GAF roofing installer. This means that we are able to provide our customers with the best roofing services in the industry.

The GAF Advantage

Whether you’re planning on eventually selling your home or living in it for a lifetime, a high quality roofing job increases the value of your home and provides peace of mind. And, when it comes to roofs, none are better than GAF roofs. The GAF Lifetime Roofing System has proven to offer safe, long lasting protection against nature’s elements. When you let Corriveau Contracting install a GAF roof on your home, you’ll receive a lifetime limited warranty on shingles as well as all GAF accessories. GAF roofs also offer roof deck protection. Not only does it make your roof look better because it lies flatter, but it also allows moisture to escape your attic while simultaneously adding a significantly strong layer of protection against wind, rain, ice, and snow.

GAF roofs also provide a leak barrier layer that ensures protection against roof leaks that can be caused by extreme weather and roof settling. At all vulnerable areas of the roof, including the eaves, this layer does an exceptional job of providing extra security. GAF roofs also provide starter strip shingles, Cobra® attic ventilation, and ridge cap shingles. The starter strip shingles reduce the risk of shingle blow-offs, the attic ventilation works to remove extraneous moisture and heat from your home’s attic and reduces energy bills, and the ridge cap shingles greatly add to the beauty of your home while protecting against leaks at the ridges and hips of your roof. Roofing in NH or MA with the right company combined with the best roofing materials available makes choosing to work with Corriveau Contracting an easy decision.

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