Wondering What Color Paint to Choose? Consult our Professional Painters in NH

Colorful eyeFor over twenty years now, Corriveau Contracting has provided painters in NH to an ever growing list of thrilled customers. As premier painting contractors in MA and NH, we employ only the most experienced and professional painters in the area. And throughout all of our experience painting both interiors and exteriors of homes, we’ve come to intimately understand how the color of a new paint job can affect the overall aesthetic appeal of a room.

When it comes to the interior rooms of your home, choosing the right color paint is not always an easy decision. We all have our personal favorite colors but whether or not they help to accent a room’s décor and architecture is another story. Working with Corriveau Contracting, you’ll see that our painters in NH and MA can effectively collaborate with you to come to a decision regarding what color paint works best for your unique situation. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a paint color and we’d like to discuss them now.

The Role Color Plays

Color plays an incredibly important role in how a room feels. It sets the mood and tone of a room. When choosing a paint color, you want to consider how diverse you want your home’s rooms to be. More often than not, we find that it’s important to create a sense of continuity in the home by working with paint colors that match but also giving each room its own personality with a mix of accent colors. For example, a living room could have light grey walls and a white trim while an adjoining bedroom has the same grey walls with a darker trim. This will maintain your home’s color continuity while keeping each room unique. Color also has a significant effect on how spacious a room feels. A large room can be made to feel cozier by using warmer, brighter colors, while a small room can seem larger by using cooler, lighter colors.

Some of the classic color combinations like yellow and green, blue and white, red and black, and chocolate brown and tan are good ideas to start with when thinking of how you’d like your home’s interior to look. It’s also important to see how different shades of light affect the color of a room. You can do this by selecting three shades of a color your most interested in and put samples of them next to a window and in a dark corner of a room. By looking at the color samples at different times of the day and under various light sources, you can get a better idea of how a color is affected by both natural and artificial light. At the end of the day, however, trust your instincts, test your colors, and go with what you like best.

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