The Advantages of Vinyl Siding in NH

We all know just how damaging our New England winters can be to our home’s siding. After months of being beaten with wind, snow, ice, and rain, a homeowner’s siding can often times show a great deal of damage. If you have old, cedar siding, chances are that repeated months of harsh weather have taken its toll on your home. Now, with the spring season in the air, it’s a good time to assess your home’s siding and perhaps have it redone with high quality vinyl siding in NH.

At Corriveau Contracting, we are professional siding contractors in NH that have the knowledge and experience to handle any of your siding needs. Vinyl siding in NH has become quite popular over the past few years both because of its aesthetic and functional properties. Unlike cedar siding, vinyl doesn’t need to be repainted frequently and its, “like new,” appearance is actually fairly easy to maintain. With a simple pressure washing, any unsightly areas on vinyl siding can be easily washed away. With painted cedar siding however, paint tends to chip, flake off, and lose its luster fairly quickly; especially during months of inclement weather.

A Variety of Options
Vinyl siding

Because of its growing popularity, vinyl siding also comes in a wide array of different colors, types, and styles that make it a building material that easily lends itself to the creative side in all of us. There are limitless combinations of different colors, trims, and accent options available in vinyl that make it a fun and exciting material to work with. And, as siding contractors in NH, we’ve seen how long vinyl siding can really last. It is extremely resilient and rarely fades, warps, cracks, or rots the way other siding material can.

Again, unlike other siding materials, vinyl siding is not as susceptible to insect infestation and nesting. This is especially important because with rot, comes moisture. And with moisture comes potential breeding grounds for harmful mold and mildew. Vinyl siding also benefits a homeowner by being a naturally energy efficient material. It reduces heat loss which can result in a smaller heating bill. Vinyl siding is even an effective means of noise reduction. Because of its durability, vinyl siding is able to more easily absorb outside noise. And, after the winter we just had, vinyl siding is an obvious alternative to other siding options.

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