Essential Roofing in NH and MA

For over a decade now, Corriveau Contracting has been providing home improvement in NH and MA, so we are all too familiar with how our unique New England climate can affect homes in the area. Now that we’re welcoming the spring season and giving winter a fond wave good-bye, it’s a good time to check your home’s roof for winter damage. Roofing in NH and MA should only be done by licensed professionals with extensive experience in the business. And that’s just what we are at Corriveau Contracting. Our staff is made up of only the most knowledgeable and professional construction workers in the business. They can effectively collaborate and communicate with you to accurately assess the state of your home’s roof.

This year’s wintery mix of snow, sleet, wind, and rain may have had an adverse affect on your home’s roof. What often occurs during the winter months is that roofs are damaged by a buildup of heavy snow and ice. What happens on most roofs is that the center of the roof remains warm while the edges, or eaves, of your roof remain at freezing temperatures. This means that snow and ice melt in the middle of your roof and trickle down to your eaves and gutters where they freeze up, forming what are called, “ice dams.” These ice dams block melted snow and ice from dripping off of your roof. This excess water then freezes and expands, damaging gutters and shingles.

The Effects of a Damaged Roof

Icicle closeupIce dams can create cracks and leaks on your roof that have the potential to cause further damage to your home. Besides simply adding weight to your home’s roof, ice dams can also hamper ventilation in your attic, creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. This mold can cause structural damage to your home while also decreasing your home’s indoor air quality. Roofing in NH and MA for so long has repeatedly shown us the damaging effects that winter can have on an entire home. If left untreated, long term exposure to mold spores can trigger asthma attacks, cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, and can even produce asthmatic symptoms in otherwise healthy people.

And, of course, leaks in your roof can lead to more problematic and expensive repairs if left untreated. Taking into account an extensive knowledge of building construction, ventilation, and structure, our professional roofers can help identify problems in your roof and accurately recommend the necessary steps needed to make your roof look and act brand new. While we’re all in the midst of spring cleaning anyway, it’s now a good idea to check your roof for problematic or damaged areas from inside your attic. We never recommend climbing onto your roof yourself. From the safety of your attic, simply check for mold and moisture buildups stemming from the top of your roof.

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