Decks in MA: A Worthwhile Investment

At Corriveau Contracting, we’ve specialized in all manners of home improvement in NH and MA for both residential and commercial projects. We have extensive experience in a wide array of major construction projects that has served to make us one of the most well rounded construction companies in the industry. We’ve built decks in MA, worked tirelessly as siding contractors in NH, built complete home additions in both NH and MA, provided carpentry in both NH and MA, and have overseen everything in between. And through it all, we never get tired of the excitement and overall satisfaction that we leave our customers with.

Restoring an old deck or building an entirely new deck for a home or business greatly adds to the aesthetic value of a piece of property. Especially for homes, decks can provide a homeowner with a great deal of benefits. Not only does a new deck make your home look better, but it increases its overall value, provides more space to entertain friends and family, and is generally more cost effective than other large construction projects.

The Benefits of Decks in MA

The back deck of a beautiful home.

Many families debate whether or not to go ahead and build an additional room onto their home and sometimes opt to have a deck built around their home instead. This is because a deck doesn’t necessarily require factors like wiring, insulation, or roofing. While we have built decks in MA that incorporate some wiring, they’re still cheaper than adding an entirely new room to your home. We’ve seen decks that we’ve built allow homeowners to recoup over 70% of the overall cost of building the deck when they sell their house. So a new deck can be an incredibly worthwhile investment.

And the plain fact is that decks are a natural gathering spot when entertaining guests. Enjoying the outdoors from your very own deck is an excellent way to relieve stress at the end of the day or after a long week. Decks also allow homeowners to use their yards in ways that they hadn’t thought of before. If your home is built on a hill or has a rather small backyard, a strategically built deck with one or more floors can greatly enhance the space that your yard provides. If you choose to have a multi-floored deck built, one can be used for entertainment purposes, another for relaxing, and even another for a spa or hot tub!

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