Home Improvement in NH: The Advantages of Home Additions

Are you looking for a way to both enhance the overall value of your home as well as making more space for your family or friends? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. At Corriveau Contracting, we specialize in all aspects of home improvement in NH and know that adding a new addition to your home can prove to be one of the most prudent investments you can make. We also know that making such a decision doesn’t come easily.

There are many financial, legal, and family issues to discuss before deciding to put an addition onto your home. Surprising as it sounds, however, we can make it as affordable as possible. We do so by offering free quotes, employing the most skilled painters in NH, and being the most professional and responsible siding contractors in NH. When you do decide to add an addition to your home, we can effectively collaborate with you to come up with a plan that suits your unique needs. From project inception to completion, we can clearly and concisely guide you through each phase of construction.

How You Benefit

An image showing a newly built room on a home.

There are benefits to adding an addition to your home that far outweigh the actual cost of the job. Especially in small homes or businesses, even adding one room can make a great deal of difference. The first benefit is obvious; more space. A new room can be used for anything. It can be used as a guest room, a room for a growing family, a place for your children to play in without running into extraneous furniture, a sun room to sit and relax in, an office or study for either relaxation or work, or as a room to merely store more of your belongings.

And, in this sporadic housing market, an addition to your home can greatly increase the overall value of it. A new room with brand new construction and furnishings does wonders for any home’s resale value. In fact, according to www.remodeling.hw.net, the addition of a family room to your average New Hampshire home can increase its resale value by $48,488! Keeping this in mind, your decision as to whether to go through with a home addition or not should make things easier.

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