Roofing in New Hampshire

Winter Installation Made Easy

At Corriveau Contracting, we’ve been roofing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over ten years so have seen firsthand the damage that our New England winters can do to a home or business’ roof. There’s not much we can do about the weather itself, but we can prepare our homes and roofs for the inevitable winter damage they’ll endure. Obviously, a brand new roof will more greatly stand up to weather damage. An older roof, with numerous cracks, crevices, and missing shingles, allows water and ice to be more easily channeled throughout the roof, causing more damage.

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Misconceptions About Roofing During the Winter Months

While roofing in NH and MA, one thing we’ve often heard is that many people believe that the winter months are a poor time to have a new roof installed. This is untrue. Roofs are susceptible to fluctuations in temperature whether it’s summer or winter. Many people argue that the winter temperature is too low and that the shingle’s adhesive will not seal correctly. Instead, the shingles may not seal at first, but will seal correctly when the sun hits the roof. People also think that shingles will blow off easier during the winter months because their seals have not yet hardened.

It’s true that adhesives stick faster in the summer months so it seems as if a roof’s shingles are easier to install during summer but, the fact is, the main reason why shingles blow off of a roof is because they are not fastened properly. This has to do with the installation of the shingles themselves. Rather than using a nail gun, it is better to install roof shingles by hand because shingles can become damaged or brittle from too much pressure when being driven with pneumatic nail guns.

With all of our experience roofing and doing overall home improvement in NH, we’ve made sure to attain all the most important and attractive qualities a roofing company can receive. Corriveau Contracting is a certified installer of GAF, IKO, CertainTeed, and Owen Corning and are fully insured with both workers’ compensation insurance and job site damage insurance. Also, as a certified installer, we include a System Plus Warranty on all GAF roofs. This covers both labor and material if your roof ever fails.

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