The Benefits of Vinyl Siding in NH

When thinking of home improvement in NH, what first comes to most people’s minds is the exterior look of the property. There’s no eyesore worse than a beautiful house plagued by cracked paint, missing pieces of siding, or any number of aesthetic problems that can be caused by weathered, old cedar siding or paint. How many times have you seen a home and thought to yourself, “That home would look exponentially better with brand new siding?” It’s amazing how common this question is asked and how surprisingly easy it is to answer. Vinyl siding!

As professional siding contractors in NH, Corriveau Contracting has asked and answered this question too many times to count. Having been in the business of home improvement in NH for over ten years now, we’ve learned how beneficial new vinyl siding can be to the overall look and value of your home. As an alternative to cedar siding (which needs to be painted fairly often in New England), vinyl siding requires no painting and can be installed with far less time and effort.

Vinyl siding’s popularity is ever increasing

In fact, according to an article published by This Old House, “…vinyl has captured 32 percent of the U.S. siding market for new homes, with no end in sight to its growing popularity. The reason, in part, is because it’s often (but not always) cheaper than red cedar or redwood and takes less time to install.”

An image showing before and after pictures from a home's vinyl siding job.

Vinyl siding’s ever increasing popularity does have a great deal to do with its ease of maintenance. Unlike cedar siding that needs to be painted every few years, especially with our New England winters, vinyl siding requires no paint and can withstand harsh weather of all kinds for much longer than the alternative.

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