Home Improvement in NH: Don’t let Winter Slow you Down

Let’s be honest. There’s not much else more strikingly beautiful or visually appealing than a home with a freshly painted exterior. And, before the holidays, before the hibernation associated with the harsh winters in New England sets in, we’re here to remind you that you can still get your house painted quickly, professionally, and with lasting durability. Many people think that house painting in NH or MA is something that should be left for any time of the year except before the upcoming winter. However, painters in NH and MA know that paint can be applied and dry correctly as long as the temperature is above 35 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it’s a little known fact that large home improvement projects in NH and MA like a complete exterior house painting can still be undertaken right now.

An image showing a before and after photo of a newly painted home in NH.





Our home improvement expertise:

At Corriveau Contracting, we are greatly aware of home owners’ concerns during any home improvement projects, and have the experience to work with you to address such concerns. Our painters in NH and MA know that home owners can rest easy when they know how many of our employees will be working on your home, how quickly an exterior painting job will take, how clean the finished product will be, and, of course, that we’re insured. We’re also aware that unexpected variables can reveal themselves on a job site. We’re prepared to run into any rotted siding that needs to be replaced, rather than merely painted over. We know that there may be things like your favorite plants, trees, or home gardens that need to be effectively covered and protected from any possible paint drips or spills. We’re also ready for the occasional unexpected, cleverly hidden bee hive you never noticed!

Also, having the expertise and vast experience in other areas of home improvement in NH and MA, such as carpentry, cedar siding, new decks and home additions, as well as roofing and vinyl siding, our house painters know exactly what and how to protect all the important exterior areas of your home. When you choose Corriveau Contracting, you’ll find you’re in the hands of a team of true home improvement professionals.

So don’t put off that exterior paint job you want just because of the upcoming cold. Let us warm you to the idea that a little cold shouldn’t deprive you of the home you want.

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